What’s this all about?

When I was a young girl, I always wanted a horse.  As I grew up, the longing for one never passed; and now, as an adult, I have become a dead horse. 

 You may be asking yourself, how do I become a dead horse? 

 It is simple really.   Find something you enjoy doing very much.  For me, it is playing music.  Now, keep doing that and get nowhere with it until it feels like you are beating a dead horse. 

 Once this horse is good and dead and beaten down, you can begin your journey into dead horsed-om.  Please note, this will not happen overnight.  It is a long path of disappointment, rejection and longing.

 Dead horse status comes with the knowledge that the future is bright just the way it is.  It will no longer matter that you aren’t famous, recognized for your craft, or, god forbid, people don’t like what you create. 


It is with this realization that you can deflect from the unvarying beatings and transcend into dead horse status. 

Finally, you can rise from the ashes and do what makes you happy regardless of the status quo or what hipster’s term as “lame”. 

 Those tarnished hopes and dreams will be replaced with a realization that you can be content just doing your thing.  Whatever that thing may be…

 But, if you haven’t gotten this far, and that horse is still kicking, flog it for several more years.   Eventually, we will see you on the other side.

 Lastly, and I think most importantly – please don’t misinterpret- I am a vain show donkey on parade; but, I am also a dead horse.

About deadhorsesrise

What has been said about Dead Horses? They are noted for their small ears set above a broad forehead with large, kind eyes, tapered muzzles, and expressive nostrils; an arched neck set on a well angled shoulder; broad chest and short back; deep, compact bodies set on legs with flat, dense bone; round croup; and round, hard hooves. Their proud bearing gives them a distinctive beauty that catches the eye of all. They are free moving and calm under western tack and elegant and aristocratic in nature. Soundness, power, agility, and stamina make them the choice of many music enthusiasts. Reliable, loyal, and tireless, a Dead Horse becomes one with people of all ages and walks of life, sharing the mutual enjoyment in every equine and tuneful pastime. View all posts by deadhorsesrise

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